Pitt High Density Flat Pack - 30 x 37, 16 mic, Natural

Item # PT-MR30373MC-CS

  • Gallon capacity: 30
  • Max Load: 75
30 x 37, Natural, 16 mic, 250/cs
Alternate #H-30373-EC
  • Description

Our High Density Can Liners provide a unique blend of first grade high molecular weight High Density Polyethylene and LLDPE resins. They are puncture resistant, possess impressive film strength and perform under temperature extremes of -40°F to 212°F. High Density liners are USDA and FDA approved for food use. The high molecular weight of the High Density Polyethylene resin allows us to produce can liners that are approximately one half the weight of traditional can liners with the same capacity. This use of fewer raw materials is ecologically sound and helps contribute to overall source reduction by returning less plastic to our environment.

Gallon capacity: 30. Max Load: 75.